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Siamese Exclusive Queens

Asoke | Bangkok

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Siamese Exclusive Sukhumvit 87

On Nut | Bangkok

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Siamese Asset Company Limited



At Siamese Asset, our goal is to be the most trusted property development company that delivers “Assets of Life” to our customers with cheaper price tag than other property development companies having the same standard; provides sustainable value growth to our shareholders; creates challenging and rewarding work for our people in an environment that respects and values their contributions.


  1. Developing exceptional quality properties with distinctive customer service that exceeds our customers’ needs and expectations by ensuring the cheaper price tag than competitors with the same standard;
  2. Operating with unbending ethical standards;
  3. Creating a work environment that provides employees with opportunities for personal and professional advancement and rewarding return;
  4. Building strong and profitable relationships with our suppliers as a customer of choice;
  5. Growing shareholder value through corporate sustainability.

Siamese Asset aims to deliver real estate as Asset of Life for our customers. The Asset of Life is an expression of the values that make Siamese Asset markedly different from the other developers and is the foundation of our corporation.

A: Attentiveness
Our attention to detail of everything we do.
S: Safety
Safety is the primary concern of our operations.
S: Satisfaction
We adhere customer’s satisfaction is as a significant matter.
E: Expertise
We specialize in the things we do.
T: Thoroughness
We create perfection in every aspect.
L: Livability
We create a united organization that everyone can live together happily.
I: Imagination
We support creativity.
F: Feasibility
We believe that everything is achievable.
E: Excellence
We strive for excellence in the enterprise.

Organisation Structure

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